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Seek Truth. Abortion kills a new, unique human being (50% are girls) *Its my body* is a lie; How could a MALE fetus be just part of the Moms body? Dont be a DNA-denier. The fetus has her own CNS, circulatory system, blood type, GENES. God is Love. Mgy ("I was born in Hungary, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. While I was still young, my...")
Stephen Uitti ("SETI@Home user since the 90s. Computer dude. Amateur astronomer. Interested in most...")
Sajjad Imam* ("Originally from Bangladesh, residing in New York, USA. Hobbies are music, guitar, Sci-fi...")
Stefan Ledwina ("My name is Stefan - I found out about SETI in 2005, quickly discovered other BOINC projects...")
Scottie McKinley ("I'm from Clarkston, WA USA")
Scott Cox ("Wi not trei a holiday in Sweeden this yer ? See the loveli lakes The wonderful telephone...")
Sven ("20 y/o; living in Berlin, Germany")
SACO ("")
Samsung ("My name is Raul Moran #9 years old work in a bus company on the department of accounting ...")
SP7LX ("POLISH Cześć, Mam na imię Michał. W obliczenia rozproszone bawię się już od...")

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