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1) Message boards : Number crunching : establish new subprojects for new hours on WUprop? (Message 2053)
Posted 29 Mar 2023 by Drago75
Hello Natalia, hello hoarfrost. I am reaching 25.000 hours for CM Dock long tasks on WUprop and the 2.5 million badge. The next "carrot" in front of my face is quite a far away. Do you think it may be an interesting idea to set up new subprojects apart from the general count like for ebola? That way we could get a new task for WUprop to start counting hours again. A separate badge even would be a huge incentive! :-)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No checkpoints? (Message 977)
Posted 27 May 2021 by Drago75
Congratulations on adding checkpoints! Although not all seems to be perfect yet, this is a great relieve for crunshers like me who don't have their machines up and running 24/7. From now on I will dedicate them more towards your project.

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