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1) Message boards : News : Vote for the next target! (Message 2181)
Posted 27 Jan 2024 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
Really a very nice idea to have the community select the next target.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 1236)
Posted 30 Sep 2021 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
...same notification over here. No more task up- or download possible for Windows.

3) Message boards : News : SiDock@home September Sailing (Message 1181)
Posted 16 Sep 2021 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
Client request frequency allowance is key.
My machines still do not get tasks, so the issue is not fixed - although at least the forum works again (so something has been tweaked or people are already leaving the competition - it is sometimes hard to keep team colleagues to contribute when virtually no work is delievered and even the project website does not respond properly anymore).
Practical suggestions for corrections have been posted.
If you listen to (external?) people who like to deviate the discussion to rant about outdated servers of other projects instead of just trying to implement what has been kindly suggested by people who practically work with BOINC on multiple projects since about 15 years, you will most likely remain with your problems where you are at present.
It's simply your choice.
But remember that this project operates way beyond it's capabilities with the current hardware and settings.

4) Message boards : News : SiDock@home September Sailing (Message 1158)
Posted 15 Sep 2021 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
With the current server settings, tasks are not handed out in sufficient amounts, which makes this race somewhat problematic.
Please take a look at these guidelines which my team colleague Yoyo has written down and which we use at to manage the competitions taking place with the three distributed computing projetcs which we operate since many years:

5) Message boards : Number crunching : No checkpoints? (Message 889)
Posted 5 May 2021 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
The CmDock GitLab repo just reported the appearance of a new version with the desperately awaited checkpointing feature.
So, things are well in the works. ;-)

6) Message boards : News : Release CMDock v 0.1.1 (Message 559)
Posted 6 Feb 2021 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
Official release of CurieDock (CMDock v 0.1.1) for windows, linux and arm (raspberry pi):

...excellent news!

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Shortage of work (Message 366)
Posted 30 Dec 2020 by Profile Michael H.W. Weber
Since a couple of days, this project repeatedly runs out of tasks - mainly over night (GMT).
This also appears to be independent of the operating system (Win/Lin) because I use Linux as well as Windows and both machine types idle around at night for hours. It would be nice if the work generator could be adjusted.
(I also noticed that the server status page occasionally indicates the presence of tasks when in fact none can be downloaded - although the page appears to be properly updated when reloaded.)

Otherwise this project runs quite smoothly - good work! ;-)


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