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Posted 22 Nov 2020 by Profile MarkRBright
Hello! :)
Now that there is a real domain name, does that mean stats can be exported?

But the transition to a" production " project is necessary.

Ah. I misunderstood the requirement. Is there an ETA for transitioning to production?

Is there an ETA for replying to zombie67's perfectly good question? - or in other words "Bump" ;-)

But while I am here, now that you have a real domain name, and as you have all the stats that you expect to be exporting when you have a Production project, then why can't you export them now?
I mean, if people are doing stuff for you now, and you are storing the stats, then why not export them? Then any teething problems with the export can be ironed out before the "Production" project comes online.

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