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Posted 2 May 2021 by Yeti
Hi folks! Next bunches of workunits will be created with deadline equal to 2 days. :)

Hello Projekt-Admin(s),

first: I understand and respect that Project-Admins are free in their decisions and have to keep their projekt functionable.

But you are nothing without us, the crunchers and we are nothing without you. Crunchers spent a lot of money and time only for the science, they never see any monitary return of investment.

So, the crunchers have to get fun on other ways and one way is competition. Competition like Formula BOINC, Pentathlon and others.

The Pentathlon was created with several aims: Bring fun to the crunchers, make smaller Projekts better known and more.

Sorry, that now I have to say this, but you took a lot of fun and necessary strategy-thinking out of the marathon.

Together with pre-anouncement of the marathon and former stress with formular boinc plus having WUs that need several hours of crunching but don't have checkpointing this is really not a good advertisement for sidock.

A lot of teammates and me are very upset and I'm shure a lot members of other teams see this just like us.

As I mentioned already above, yes, it is your decision but from tactical timing I think it was very counterproductive.


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