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1) Message boards : Number crunching : how long can "long tasks" be? (Message 1926)
Posted 7 days ago by mikey
At least it's not 10 credit; not what you'd expect for 309k sec but over 1k.

Ryzen 3900X @ 4.0 GHz got 1004.96 CS for 85211.20 seconds of computations or 1004.95 CS / 23.67 hours / 4.0 GHz = 10.61 CS/(hour*GHz).
i5-8250U @ 1.60GHz got 1129.15 CS for 298826.10 seconds of computations or 1129.15 CS / 83.01 hours / 1.60 GHz = 8.50 CS/(hour*GHz).

But SMT of Ryzens much more efficient than Hyper-Threading of Intel.

Probably true but not very cost efficient to replace half a dozen or more pc's just to run tasks here. I realize that there are 'issues' with just saying 'add multi-threaded tasks' but if you find the time it really would help those of us with the Intel cpu's that could use it.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : how long can "long tasks" be? (Message 1925)
Posted 7 days ago by mikey
Is multithreaded planned here?

Multithreaded tasks would be wonderful for the long WUs. I only ever crunch one project at a time so between multithreading and keeping a smaller cache, deadline issues would quickly become a thing of the past.

Are we getting lazy in our old days there ol buddy? LOL!!!

To me crunching is crunching and my pc's crunch 24/7 whether it's 1 cpu core per task or multiple cpu cores per task, the only problem for me is the deadlines with my older 2.?ghz machines.

3) Message boards : News : СmDock "long" and "short" tasks applications (Message 1924)
Posted 7 days ago by mikey
Yes, I did that. The long tasks are too long.

Start running the badge program wuprop and start LOVING the extra long tasks!!
4) Message boards : News : СmDock "long" and "short" tasks applications (Message 1847)
Posted 12 days ago by mikey
When I try to do it from "Tools>Add Project" directly I get a message that "The URL you supplied is not that of a BOINC-based project".

It should add JUST http:\\ to the front of what you typed if so leave it there and try again and it should connect
5) Message boards : News : СmDock "long" and "short" tasks applications (Message 1826)
Posted 13 days ago by mikey
I had been running SiDock on one of my laptops (NOT this computer) but inadvertently removed it. Now I cannot find it in the list to add it back as a project. How can I do that?

In the Boinc Manager go to add project and delete the website address in the box and type in and it should bring you to the log in page.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Tasks hanging - (Message 1825)
Posted 13 days ago by mikey
Project reset with no new work units instructed based on the number of them hanging.

On to another project until this issue is resolved.

Early in the past week I've aborted more than about a dozen or so tasks across several pc's but over the last few days I haven't had to abort any tasks, don't know if I've been lucky or they are being worked thru.
7) Message boards : News : Target 21: corona_TMPRSS2_v1 (Message 1763)
Posted 18 Nov 2022 by mikey
Dear Participants,

TMPRSS2 is a type II transmembrane protease with broad expression in epithelial cells of the respiratory and gastrointestinal human tracts. It is a cofactor in SARS-CoV-2 entry, and primes viral proteins. Namely, TMPRSS2 cleaves the viral Spro to expose the fusion peptide for cell entry. We are therefore examining TMPRSS2 as a promising strategy to block viral infection in a host-directed therapeutic and/or prophylactic manner. This work is also a a part of larger viral-host protease inhibition study campaign.

With best wishes,
Team SiDock@home

Does that mean more tasks are coming or is this more of a report on work that's been completed and that the results are now being tested?
Either way it sounds like GREAT news!!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : w/u run time (Message 1643)
Posted 5 Jun 2022 by mikey
Mine are running almost 6 hours on a Ryzen 3950X (Ubuntu 20.04.3).
The last batch was only about 30 minutes.

I am new to this project and had only the short w/u so far. 2 w/u per thread makes more sense now. My processing went fro 50mins or so to 10+ hrs.
All well then

Would you mind posting your app_config file so the rest of us can try that too? I'm also wondering if there is an upper limit to how many cpu cores you can throw at it and it still runs faster.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Project fills CPU use to 100% although "Use at most xx% of CPU time" is set (Message 1578)
Posted 15 Mar 2022 by mikey
Personally i prefer to set the maximum concurrent running task by reducing the % o CPU and leaving CPU time at 100%
For example on your i3-4030u (4t) you can set % of CPUs between 50 and 74% to run 2wus, 75 to 99% to run 3wu

Yes, reducing number of concurrent tasks may be better solution than percent of CPU time.
Indeed - this is not a Sidock problem, it happens with many projects. Boinc put this option in which doesn't work, or relies on something most projects don't use.

The new total 64bit version of Boinc was supposed to have better control of that kind of stuff but with the Developers being 100% volunteers now due to their loss of funding, Boinc proved it's original grant funding theorem many years ago, the Developers are working to keep things running not implementing any new features. The existing version of Boinc is a hodgepodge of both 32 and 64 bit stuff, one reason it can't see more than 4gb of ram on a gpu, but it does work for the most part.
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : не получает задания (Message 1577)
Posted 15 Mar 2022 by mikey
снова не получает задания, теперь пишет постоянно
15.03.2022 23:12:51 | | [network_status] status: don't need connection

Some of the Servers are in Russia and as you are aware alot of their internet is having 'issues' right now, that has made me responding here from the US almost painful, but to your problem...when it says "don't need tasks" it means your other Projects have already filled your cache on that pc, one thing that does work sometimes for me when that happens is I Suspend all other Projects and then click Update in the Boinc Manager pane that lists all the Projects. As I said sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it depends on how close to being totally full your cache already is. My cache is set to 0.5 and 0.25 so I never have alot of tasks anyway, one workaround for me is to increase the cache size, WHILE all the other Projects are suspended, then click the Update button again and see if you get some tasks, if you do you can then reduce your cache size and then unsuspend all the other Projects.
11) Message boards : News : Project status: March 2022 (Message 1576)
Posted 15 Mar 2022 by mikey
Due to the community request, we also plan to add official Mac and ARM64 support for the underlying CmDock software.

Great news! Thanks!

I totally agree with this, my Mac has been doing other things but it would be nice if it was here too. I have some RPi's as well but they aren't running at the moment but I LOVE the ability to bring them here when they do come back online.
12) Message boards : News : Ninth and tenth targets (Message 1357)
Posted 14 Nov 2021 by mikey
13) Message boards : News : SiDock@home is whitelisted in Gridcoin (Message 1067)
Posted 5 Jul 2021 by mikey
I'd definitely be interested in seeing some graphs of how much processing power was there before the poll and now :)

Hello! :)

Before: ~ 18000 tasks in progress.
Now: ~23000 tasks in progress.

Thank you very much!
It would be nice to see the same numbers in another week and then 1 month post being whitelisted, and then 2 months as I suspect there may be a drop off as the 'newness' where's off. BUT I hope the initial surge stays even if some people go and others come.
14) Message boards : Cafe : welcome (Message 87)
Posted 8 Nov 2020 by mikey
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Got 0 new tasks (Message 49)
Posted 1 Nov 2020 by mikey
You can limit the task in progress for a user or core.

But then the problem becomes what if we don't show up and the tasks sit there uncrunched, it's a balance for all projects I make a million tasks and hope people show up or do I make 10k tasks and some people don't get tasks. Since thie Project is about todays Science personally I would go for the later and hope the answer I'm looking for is in the first 10k tasks.

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