4000 users with credit
Dear SiDockers,

new breakthrough of the project, we will wellcome 4000th user with the credit, very soon.

;-) Crtomir
21 Sep 2021, 15:17:51 UTC · Discuss

SiDock@home September Sailing
Dear participants!

Just now, your computers are hitting three protein targets at once. Due to the low runtimes and (mainly) the friendly contributions of participants and their teams, the data is being processed fast, and we express our gratitude to all of you.
We announce a new competition between teams, SiDock@home September Sailing. Top winners will get the badges:
1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Heme B, the well-known ligand in the complex of Hemoglobin, helps to carry oxygen in our bloodstream. As we know today, it has emerged from just two mutations that occurred in genome of one of predecessors of modern vertebrates more than 400 million years ago [1,2].

[2] Pillai, A.S., Chandler, S.A., Liu, Y. et al. Origin of complexity in haemoglobin evolution. Nature 581, 480–485 (2020).
12 Sep 2021, 8:19:15 UTC · Discuss

Targets six, seven, eight
Dear participants,

we have prepared three new targets for you! They all base on 3CLpro protein, a prime target for antiviral drug discovery because of its central involvement in virus replication. Another reason to put them high on the list is that we have a good possibility to test interesting results in a lab. The targets 6, 7 and 8 are X-ray identified allosteric sites on 3Clpro. We will make a limited number of workunits to ensure everything works fine, and then launch full-scale screening on the new targets. We will temporarily pause processing of Target 5 in favour of the new ones.

With best wishes,
Team SiDock@home
28 Aug 2021, 16:18:49 UTC · Discuss

Project status: July 2021
Dear all,

Our research is going on! Collaborators just started biological evaluation of 30 chemical compounds selected in SiDock@home for targets 3CLpro and PLpro. Biological evaluation in vitro works with the most prospective results that your computers have selected in silico. The process is iterative and will involve hundreds of experiments.

With your help, we have already processed 4 targets and 43% of the fifth one. Further workunits will be created basing on the biological evaluation and the latest scientific knowledge about the targets.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Team of SiDock@home
9 Jul 2021, 18:21:50 UTC · Discuss

Donations to SiDock@home
Drug development is a time-consuming and costly process. With help of your computers, our team is able to speed up discovery of prospective candidates for in vitro tests. At the same time, the volume of biological evaluation is limited by funding. We are in constant search for additional sources, and, since SiDock@home allows the participants to earn Gridcoins, we find it a good idea to accept voluntary donations. If you feel like donating to the project, please use one of the listed options.
9 Jul 2021, 18:18:53 UTC · Discuss

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Sidock@home is an international volunteer computing project aimed at drug discovery. The first mission of the project is discovery of possible drugs against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It started as an extension of the project  COVID.SI to engage the BOINC community into the drug discovery.

You can help with your computer. With the help of BOINC, you will download a subset of compounds on your computer, examine the compounds in the context of the studied target and send the results to a server where they are collected for later analysis.

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